My name is Hojin Ha. I'm a Software Engineer. I work for the Product Team at Bodies&Souls(Fitness Software, Fittobe). I blog about programming, code, open source, startup, business, technology and stuffs that I'm interested in.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub. If you just want to email me, go ahead and send an email to hahojin@gmail.com.


I started my career at DaeWoo Telecom where I joined as an TDX-100 R&D Team and worked there for over 1 years as a Software Engineer and then moved to KTH(KT Hitel) and worked at there as a Software Engineer for 10 years and worked as a co-founder for 6 years since I founded WiseEco and now to Bodies&Souls where I currently work as CTO.

Career Path

An overview of my career timeline shown below.


January 2016

Bodies & Souls - CTO


December 2010

WiseEco — Co-Founder


August 2000

KTH(KT Hitel) — Software Engineer


January 1999

DaeWoo Telecom — Software Engineer