Developer Stories

Systems, not Programs
Oct 22, 2018

프로그램이 아닌 시스템에서 생각하자.

Full Cycle Developers at Netflix — Operate What You Build
May 20, 2018

Fast forward to 2018. Netflix has grown to 125M global members enjoying 140M+ hours of viewing per day. We’ve invested significantly in improving the development and operations story for our engineering teams. Along the way we’ve experimented with many approaches to building and operating our services. We’d like to share one approach, including its pros and cons, that is relatively common within Netflix. We hope that sharing our experiences inspires others to debate the alternatives and learn from our journey.

Full-stack single page application with Vue.js and Flask
Oct 19, 2017

Python, Flask와 VueJs를 가지고 웹 서비스 구현 내용 정리

To www or not to www – Should you use www or not in your domain?
Jan 21, 2017

도메인에 www를 넣어야 하는 것인지 넣지 않아야 하는 것인가?

Programming Is Not Math
Jul 14, 2016

1. You need to know math to be a good programmer. 2. You need to learn math to get the skills you need for programming. 3. Plenty of programming is still math!

Linux Performance Analysis in 60,000 Milliseconds
Dec 02, 2015

Netflix의 수석 성능 설계자인 Brendan Gregg씨의, Linux 서버에 로그인하고 60초동안 체크하는 명령어들과 그 내용 정리.

Reading postmortems
Sep 01, 2015

장애의 사후 분석을 읽고 얻은 교훈: 오류 처리, 설정, 하드웨어, 휴먼메러, 모니터리/경고 무시 등의 장애의 패턴을 소개함.

Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard
Feb 08, 2015

프로그래밍 학습이 왜 어려운지, 이를 극복할 수 있는 방법은 어떤것들이 있는지 정리한 글.

Best Paper Awards in Computer Science (since 1996)
Dec 23, 2014

1996년 이후 Computer Science 분야에서 Best Paper상 받은 논문들 정리.

The Product Management Triangle
Jun 28, 2014

Product managers, among other things, specialize in building bridges between the very general (e.g, a vision for changing the world), and the very specific (e.g., functional requirements for a single button). Ironically, the discipline of product management itself is missing this bridge. We lack a clear framework for connecting the high order duties of product management with the day-to-day realities of execution. I’ve invented the graphical model of the product management triangle to be this bridge and provide a foundation for deeper exploration into product management topics.